Strong Black Women

Racism: Don't Let It Break You

The first time you experience racism is an unreal moment! It doesn't matter whether it's in the boardroom, the business meeting, or the moment in life at the cash register, the filling station, the phone call, or in today's times over the zoom. When you're a person of color, the beauty of our skin is what we celebrate but preparation for the moment has to be a real conversation in modern times. In this private webinar conversations, we reveal insights for strong Black women and their friends to operate in the season. The topics covered in this 75-minute webinar include:

  • Readiness Tips for the First Racism Moment
  • Tools for Shaping an Anti-Racist Environment
  • Self-Care Actions that Sustain the Spirit and Progress

Please contact Cheryl to coach you through this season. Group training and individual coaching sessions are available.

Reparations Conversations

Don't know about you but the rising re-awareness of reparations is an interesting space for discussion. It appears that something is happening every week, no every day that could be helpful to discuss. Our weekly group connects for understanding, awareness, and support in this space. If you're interested in joining us, please let us know.

Strong Black Women Masterclass

Black women are “essential” whether there is a pandemic or not. Black women are power forces in their families, workplace, and communities. Black women are also often #3, if not #23 on the to-do list on any given day or season. They can’t deny the role BUT Black women must renew and refocus in this season to continue to fulfill the multiple roles required for their success, their family, and their community.

One of the ways that their progress and uplift continues is with a pause in the schedule. A rework of the calendar to include some dedicated refocus time with other strong black women. This Sisterclass is intentional, inspiring, and impactful.

Get ready for a series of learning and progress conversations that are unique to Black women and impactful to the Black woman's universe and the world. The Strong Black Women Sisterclass includes:

  • Two (2) power zoom information and discussion sessions in one week!
  • One (1) one-on-one coaching sessions with Cheryl Scales (one pre-class.). Cheryl's one-on-one coaching session and masterclasses are invaluable assets for growth, development, and progress! Designed to make sure you gain the most from your time!
  • In this season of CV19 pandemic, she is leading this Sisterclass with sponsor support. Limited participation for maximum conversation and learning.
  • Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. EST
  • Schedule:
    • Kickoff Week - One-on-One Pre-Class Call with Cheryl, Coach and Consultant
    • Tuesday (first week) - Future and Faith Session
      • Future: Where Do I Want or Need to Go Now? Visioning for you and your circle of influence.
      • Faith: What spiritual tools am I or do I need to use to power progress? We discuss approaches to peace and pause. 
    • Thursday (first week)
      •  Finance: Paying the light bill and getting ready for the next chapter too!
        • This is a refresh on your finance checklist.
        • Why we need to be addicted to direct deposit!  
      •  Family: Talking with your family and friends on the wayforward for you and the collective.
        • Tips and tools to help This is very important to devote some intention to the your leadership direction in this season. 

Tailored for Black Support Group Training in Corporate America or Civic, Community Special Events. Contact Cheryl to help renew the path and progress of strong black women.