Champion! Connector! Courageous! Magnificent!

When Cheryl takes the stage, an enormous wave of opportunity opens in the mindset of people.

Her speaker video reflects an introduction to her commitment for the betterment of others. Many say "Cheryl is one of life's specially gifted trailblazers. She makes a difference with her gifts and talents She cares."

Her multi-faceted skill set includes a plethora of tools that she has strategically used to advance lives in speaking events, webinars, and training and development.These are some highlights of impact over this last season. 

Cheryl is happy to bring her message and training to corporate boardrooms, entrepreneur conferences or webinars, or community event. Please contact her team with details on the contact form.

DKC invited these powerful sisters of impact to their 2021 Women's Empowerment Panel sharing the insights of their journey. DKC is one of the top ten independent PR agencies in the U.S.

Atlanta's106 Live Radio-Health & Justice Conversation

Invited by Cyn Harper, one of Atlanta's top talents in purpose-filled living, Cheryl was delighted to join the 106 Live Radio broadcast. During the show, they shared perspectives on topics of the times including COVID-19 and social justice issues we're facing with the lost lives of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the upcoming murder trial of George Floyd. Amidst the show interview, some of Cheryl's clients called in and surprised her too. Cool show!

Atlanta Black Chambers & Georgia Power Entrepreneur Series:COVID-What's the Impact?

Cheryl Scales joins with Gwen McDaniel, Chair Health and Human Services Committee, Atlanta Black Chambers in their Georgia Power Health Series for Entrepreneurs. Cheryl shares expert tips to refresh survival and success amidst the pandemic.

Atlanta Black Chambers & Georgia Power Entrepreneur Series: New Challenges in New Times

Cheryl pivots to host and interviewer for the Atlanta Black Chambers, Georgia Power Entrepreneur Series with Edmond Newton, designer and creator.

Princeton University's ABPA Political Panel with Senator Cory Booker

Cheryl was the featured moderator for the Princeton University-ABPA Political Series. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, Professor Eddie Glaude, Craig Robinson, noted 1st brother of forever First Lady Michelle Obama, and 500+ alums engaged in 2 very robust conversations of this most unusual and dynamic political season. Events like these were contributors to the unprecedented election turnout.

Princeton UniversityThrive Innovation Series: Design Thinking Training & Development

Cheryl brought her expertise in design thinking to Princeton's Innovation Series. Taking centerstage, she exposed almost 300 participants to an introduction and activation of design thinking in their entrepreneurial lanes and in their Corporate America careers. Her training was rated 5-stars as one of the highest impact sessions of the conference.  One observant of Cheryl's training wrote:

"I truly was able to appreciate Cheryl’s teaching skills as such were on full display when she led the Entrepreneurship Workshop: Introduction to Design Thinking. It is no exaggeration to say that she taught an audience of successful adults who (as Princeton alumni are wanting to do) thought they already knew all they needed to know about how to engage with others in furtherance of their professional endeavors. Cheryl’s presentation was incredibly insightful and engaging. Her teaching methodology understandable and the ease in which she highlighted the process of coming to the right design theory question to achieve the best response was impressive. Many of the people in that workshop had graduated more than 20+ years ago, and we were all invigorated by her insights of how we should approach certain matters. I could not help but think how phenomenal it would be for younger generations to have exposure to this knowledge earlier in their education and career."

Cheryl Scales Speaker Kit. Download Here

Below is a sampling of the types of groups and topics where Cheryl has been invited to present:

Taking Charge, Going Forward

  • Design Thinking: Introduction to Game Changing Strategy
  • "Are you a leader, a rebel, or an icon?”
  • Don’t Quit: 7 Steps to Rise after You Fall Down
  • Finding Strength in the Broken Places
  • General Audiences Personal Branding/Branding Your Best

Game-Changing Planning 

  • Trends & Innovation Conferences
  • Transition – Changing Careers, Changing Families, Changing Lives
  • Career Program Conferences and Seminars
  • Women’s History Month Celebrations
  • Executive Strategy Sessions and Retreats
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Management Workshops
  • Leadership Development Seminars
  • Civic Engagement at the Local Level

Politics & Participation

  • Women interested in Running for Office
  • Women interested in Board Service
  • Faith Program Conferences and Seminar
  • Grassroots Campaign Branding – Hits, Misses, and Turnarounds


  • Youth and Young Adult Conferences, Seminars and Workshops
  • The Student Window: Post-High School, Pre-College Webinar
  • Student Leadership Conferences
  • Collegiate Faith Conferences and Celebrations
  • Raising Money Conferences, and Seminars*
  • Community and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Faith-based, Community Development and Redevelopment Corporations, Economic Empowerment Entities