Champion! Connector! Courageous! Magnificent!

When Cheryl takes the stage, an enormous wave of opportunity opens in the mindset of people.

These are some of the words clients, audiences, leaders and friends use to describe Cheryl Scales.

As a shining representative for the betterment of others, Cheryl is one of life’s specially gifted trailblazers. Her multi-faceted skill set includes a plethora of tools that she has strategically used to advance lives.

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Below is a sampling of the types of groups and topics where Cheryl has been invited to present:

Taking Charge, Going Forward

  • Design Thinking: Introduction to Game Changing Strategy
  • "Are you a leader, a rebel, or an icon?”
  • Don’t Quit: 7 Steps to Rise after You Fall Down
  • Finding Strength in the Broken Places
  • General Audiences Personal Branding/Branding Your Best

Game-Changing Planning 

  • Trends & Innovation Conferences
  • Transition – Changing Careers, Changing Families, Changing Lives
  • Career Program Conferences and Seminars
  • Women’s History Month Celebrations
  • Executive Strategy Sessions and Retreats
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Management Workshops
  • Leadership Development Seminars
  • Civic Engagement at the Local Level

Politics & Participation

  • Women interested in Running for Office
  • Women interested in Board Service
  • Faith Program Conferences and Seminar
  • Grassroots Campaign Branding – Hits, Misses, and Turnarounds


  • Youth and Young Adult Conferences, Seminars and Workshops
  • The Student Window: Post-High School, Pre-College Webinar
  • Student Leadership Conferences
  • Collegiate Faith Conferences and Celebrations
  • Raising Money Conferences, and Seminars*
  • Community and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Faith-based, Community Development and Redevelopment Corporations, Economic Empowerment Entities