Coke is an Iconic Brand. Are You?  Do You Have ‘Coke’ Inside You?

Personal branding is a strategic decision no matter the title you hold – executive on the job, entrepreneur, or organizational leader.


The decision to become a personal brand has a broader awareness today but make no mistake, the decision must be intentional and in tune with who you are and your goals.


Early in my Corporate America career at a Procter & Gamble, a Fortune 10 company, it became clear that I needed a process to navigate, activate, and accelerate my career on mutual terms. There was no roadmap. I had to create it!


This change remains true in Corporate America and it also remains true for the entrepreneurial journey and organizational leaders.

For the entrepreneur or organizational leader, this strategic decision is equally important for strategy of making progress and pursuing funding sources for goals and priorities.

Brands have look and feel characteristics, return on investment, and social impact components too. The questions are what are the elements and what is the right mix of those elements?

In this masterclass conversation, Cheryl takes the participant through proven components:

  • Tools to identify what matters to your personal brand definition
  • Admitting and learning from mistakes – True Stories
  • The Ultimate Brand Insurance – Powerful Free Report
  • Tools that can attracting supporters to your brand

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