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Telling the story of where you want to take your idea, career, business, project or non-profit is a requirement!

I learned this early in my Procter & Gamble career when I was invited to interact with the Board of Directors under then CEO John Pepper. It was a very big deal. My mentor who prepped me for this meeting ‘grilled me’ about strengths (the Company’s and mine) as well as what would I change. After that conversation, I realized he was coaching me so I would ‘sound right’ expressing my point of view. This was my precursor experience to what the market now calls elevator pitch coaching.

In This 5 Polish Tips Progress Course, You Will Discover My Best Pitch Polish Secrets Like…

  • How I’ve helped thousands of people tell their story in 30 seconds, 2 minutes, and 30 minutes too…
  • The method I’ve used to generate $150,000 to $100+ million of impact with people, teams, and clients. .
  • The tools you’ll need to polish your pitch in the next few days, not weeks…
  • Plus, you’ll finally feel confident about where to start, with training on everything from planning your pitch time, developing several approaches to get the pitch content out of your head and into a rhythm that you can convey at anytime and on the spot…

Yes I mean that I cover EVERYTHING you need to polish your pitch and keep progress moving ASAP!

And the best part?

You Don’t Pay One Cent for the Intro Call 

You Don’t Pay One Cent for the Tip 1 Download (Full Details)

ABOUT CHERYL! Throughout my career. I was often tapped to mentor. As part of my business, I’ve consistently coached to make a difference and propel progress. In fact, it’s one of the key areas that I speak to many groups, webinars, and podcasts about today. I kicked off 2020 speaking about Pitching for Success.  Listen for the cadence of the story! If someone asked you right now, ‘tell me about yourself,’ could you do it?

-What would you sound like?

-Would you long pause?

-Would you stumble? 

-Would you practice so much you sound like a robot?

-Would you build confidence or reinforce hesitation?

Mind you, thanks to my participant for capturing the video. Video vanity is not my thing. I’m purpose-driven to tell help others tell their story.

You Can Take Action Now!  Download one of the most overlooked tips to polishing your pitch. It’s right at your fingertips!   Right Here, Right Now. Absolutely FREE!

Now, if you like what you see here or after you’ve downloaded Tip 1, you can quickly imagine that all 5 Polish Tips are an absolute and insane must have part that you need to add to your progress plan.

One more thing, there is a FREE weekly intro call  that expands on the first step of Polishing Your Pitch! This call is also absolutely FREE!

On Cheryl’s Coaching, people say:

Now you might be wondering, “What’s the catch? Why’s Cheryl doing this weekly call for FREE?”

And it’s a good question!

The truth is, there are 2 reasons…

The first reason is – my PASSION to help people succeed is something this COVID pandemic has made me realize that I need to push greater access to helping people help themselves on my schedule every week. I need to help push to another level!

I’d like to help more people polish their pitch so they can make progress on their dreams. My expertise doesn’t require that I understand all the elements of your dream to help you succeed. What’s required is the proven process expertise that I share so it doesn’t take months to make progress! You need to see the steps of progress!

Second,many times I’ve taught at women’s events and coached many women clients. What we confirmed in these engagements is an elevator pitch is a fundamental skill. It is a baseline that is now needed by many profiles.

  • Think about it! So many of our young people who are facing this next season with a different horizon. Yet, if they learn how to tell their story of impact and assets (and yes they have assets), then they’ll be able to steer their course with confidence, not fear.
  • In fact,  this is a truth needed by people of all ages. When the elevator door opens or the zoom camera opens, you need to be capable to answer with confidence, ‘tell me about yourself.’

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I can’t wait to see or hear you there you in there ?

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PS: IF You Want More Detailed Guidance On Polishing Your Pitch

Cheryl also offers an additional suite of services to make progress.

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