From Allstate to Ameriprise, from Aetna to CocaCola, from Ampro to American Express, from M.L.G. Financial Services to R.A.P.H.A. Health Inc.’s collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control, from Shelby County Schools Athletic Organization to ArtUp, Cheryl is an innovator discovering and shifting bottom-line results in competitive spaces and new places. She brings her unique gifts and toolbox of experience to drive new directions that make a difference and sets an amazing next level of progress. Customer Experience Transformation, Community-Engaged Design are signature consulting processes.

In strategy coaching sessions, she activates the mindset to embrace your strengths, and helps you chart a pathway to make your distance shorter on decisions and progress. From one day advising and consulting sessions to mastermind group sessions, or multi-month on-site projects, Cheryl has worked with companies large and small.

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This is a weekly intro to success tools that help entrepreneurs and those thinking about entrepreneurship grow in their purpose and bottomline!





Black women are "essential" whether there is a pandemic or not. Black women are power forces in their family, workplace, and communities. Black women are often #3, if not #23 on the list on any given day or season. They can't deny the role BUT Black women must renew and refocus in this season to continue to fulfill the multiple roles required for their success, their family, and their community. One of the ways that their progress and uplift contiinues is with a pause in the schedule. A rework of the calendar to include some dedicated refocus time with other strong black women.

This masterclass is intentional, inspiring, and impactful. Get ready for a series of learning and progress conversations that are unique to the community and impactful to the Black woman's universe and the world. It includes one power week of zoom information sessions AND two 1:1 coaching sessions with Cheryl Scales (one pre-masterclass and one at 60 days post-masterclass). Cheryl's one-on-one coaching session and masterclasses are invaluable!

In this season of CV19 pandemic, this masterclass is only $49 per participant. Maximum participants - 10. Tuesday afternoons at 5 p.m. -6:30 p.m. EST.  Invest in you! Invest in a Sister or Friend! Pause after the day but before the evening begins for just 2 evenings on YOU! You will thank you for taking care of you!




  • w/o September 14 - One-on-One Pre-Class Call with Cheryl, Coach and Consultant
  • September 22nd -
    • Future: Where Do I Want or Need to Go Now?
    • Faith: What spiritual tools am I or do I need to use to power progress?
  • September 24th
    • Finance: Paying the light bill and getting ready for the next chapter!
    • Family: Talking with your family and friends on the wayforward.
  • w/o September 28th - Wrap Up One-on-One Class Call with Cheryl, Coach and Consultant

Limited Seating!

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The pure focus of this masterclass is making sure you are positioned to attract funds through formal and informal avenues. One of my great pleasures is helping my clients attract funds to propel their progress. One of my clients competed in February and was awarded $20,000.00 grant in June. Another had several one:one coaching conversations with me and was able to compete with confidence for $1 million dollar grant. This afternoon, I connected the dots for referrals to three grant opportunities from $2,000 - $10,000.00 across the country. Whether you are a solopreneur or a small business (up to $8 million). The masterclass helps you address the most important components of your brand position and attracting funding opportunity. It includes 4 weeks of weekly zoom information sessions, two 1:1 coaching sessions with Cheryl Scales, and info referrals to two funding sources. Cheryl's one-on-one coaching session and masterclasses are typically $1500.00 per individual. In this season of CV19 pandemic, she is leading this masterclass for only $99 per participant. Maximum participants - 12. Tuesday afternoons at 2 p.m. EST.


  • w/o August 3 - One-on-One Pre-Class Call with Cheryl, Coach and Consultant
  • August 10th - 1st Zoom MasterClass - Story Definitely Matters: What's the Attraction Factor for Your Business?
  • August 17th - 2nd Zoom MasterClass - Building Blocks of Readiness 1
  • August 24th - 2nd Zoom MasterClass - Building Blocks of Readiness 2
  • August 31st - 4th Zoom MasterClass -  Key Activation Steps
  • w/o August 31 - Wrap Up One-on-One Class Call with Cheryl, Coach and Consultant

Limited Seating!

Register Here by July 31, 2020

Upon registration, you will receive an email with a scheduling link to book your one-on-one time during week of August 3. Invest in your business vision and let's move forward!


Customer Experience Transformation – At Cheryl Scales Worldwide Innovative Group,  we help clients figure out what their customers care about most. We then co-design customer experiences that become an enduring part of your brand. We engage and inspire employees to embrace their role as part of the brand that delivers the customer experience that matters.

WHY Cheryl Scales Worldwide Innovation Group:

  • We focus on customer feedback as the building blocks of customer experience—a deeper, detailed view of what customers express—is what helps to identify, prioritize and reinvent the experience.
  • Once the experience is identified, the Cheryl Scales Worldwide Innovation Group’s approach maps how  you work across functions or resources to create experiences that delight customers.  We seek efficiency without compromising effectivenes and help organizations make the trade-offs to their success.
  • We work with you, not on you. Our Results approach yields insights, metrics, and common language of success to sustain and improve your customer experience.
Community-Engaged Design Studies.   With Cheryl Scales’ Worldwide Innovation Group,  commuity-engaged design thinking respects the core of a community’s history matched with its present and future needs.

Why Cheryl Scales Worldwide Innovation Group:

  • We help communities better understand the core of their communities and how to sustain these elements over time amidst a rapid pace of change.
  • Whether the community make-up is similar or diverse, this investment helps leadership understand how to maximize investment dollars for better outcomes.  The insights help key structures take stock of planning, shared passion, and the  power of design (and design thinking) in the environment.
  • Without this community-engaged design planning process, communities won’t acknowledge or address the inequitable gaps that arise and the disparities could happen based on racial, class/economic, and gender disparities.
  • Disparities don’t have to remain when you plan.