Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Community Engagement Consulting is a strategy service where we help leaders desiring to leverage the community's voice for productive planning, decisions, and lasting impact.

In our Community Engagement  process, we extract commonalities and different ideas, values, and/or sensitivities for today's organization leaders to achieve a smart decision or next step.

When transformational thinking is needed, community engagement is a must. The insights and perspectives of multiple people or groups via this process engages the quality of your decision or destiny.

We use several techniques where we engage up to 100 people about everything from why keep an elementary school open to finding foundations dollars for an event.

  • We provide a pathway to nurture community partnerships.
  • We actively cherish people on the ground and seek ways for individuals to move, and/or advise their goals with our involvement.
  • We development greater consciousness through collaboration and client recommendations that lead to better strategy or implementation.

Cheryl Scales Interview on Community Engaged Design and Thinking

Snippets of Community Engaged Completed Studies

Available Services to Propel Client Success:
  • Community Engagement Studies
  • Focus groups, research, and insights
  • Unique curation of insights and offer positioning
  • In-culture message development
  • Community interviews
  • Community events activation and involvement
Timeframes Vary based on client goals and budgets.

Highlights of Community Engagement Studies Completed

Future Community Vision

School Empowerment