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Redefining the art of confidence


Cheryl Scales Innovation Group unleashes game-changing paths forward for organizations and individuals who are dedicated to propelling progress.

For more than 2 decades, Cheryl and her teams have walked into hard problems that haven’t been solved sustainably or chaos that has stopped progress in its tracks.

  • Sometimes the issue faced was product or brand related.
  • Sometimes the issue faced was diversity and race/gender relations.
  • Sometimes the issue faced was attracting and building alliances to keep viable projects alive or transition some that should see its last light.
  • Sometimes the issue faced was the need for a wise and insightful coach who has lived, survived, and thrived across places and spaces where the advice was not only right on time. The advice was right on the spot for the situation in life, business, or career.


Our Innovation Process unfolds for clients in 3-steps: Ideation, Innovation Strategy, and Disrupters’ Implementation.



Cheryl Scales is an activist for greatness at every age. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University in Politics, Economics, and African-American Studies. She also holds Executive Management Certifications in Strategic Planning and Innovation from Harvard University and Institute for the Future; online and social media systems from Advanced Business Institute.


She is the principal consultant of Cheryl Scales Innovation Group., and MagnificentPR, a branding, marketing and public relations firm that works with clients you know –Judge Hatchett, Hill Harper, Toya, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, the OMG Girlz, the NBA Grizzlies Organization, Shelby County School system, Bluff City Classic, executives, organizations, political candidates, and more. In 2015, she launched her Candidates of Courage Award for people who enter the political arena. Cheryl led the public relations community launch of the 2016 First Lady Obama Preserve America status. 


As a strategist, she brings ‘magnificence’ to the process to make the voyage exciting, fun-filled and refreshing while giving you the real world ability to take your ideas to implementation.  She is a two-time White House Community Leader, and her business  participated in the 2012 White House Women Business Round-table. Her exceptional and powerful talent is ‘connecting the dots.”


Her media and public relations and communications practice includes branding, speaker development, and ‘Candidates of Courage’ Series to highlight new candidates who step into the political arena. It propels them to be in the arena and willing to setup their brand, known value and positioning to be a successful candidate.


Cheryl is an award-winning corporate America alumnus in two major industries, Procter & Gamble (consumer products) and Delta Air Lines (global transportation). Her innovation and leadership at P&G is imprinted on agency briefing design, way-finding shopping and point-of-sale communications for original Febreze and Swiffer brand launches. She also led the marketing logistics national test for P&G’s Walmart SuperCenter prototype,

At Delta, she spearheaded customer service strategy, communications, and systems that engineered legendary customer service turnaround at Delta Air Lines. This included the on-board renaissance that transformed the flight attendant role as the new face of the Delta brand. Launched to 14,000 flight attendants. Became company-wide keynote speaker for frontline in 36 employee engagement meetings speaking with 30,000 people in multiple departments and locations across the globe.  Her team’s impact continues on flights across the globe today and these service innovations were also recognized with the prestigious JD Powers Award.


She was a Diversity Champion at P&G for many years as a woman, woman of color and African-American leader including supporting efforts where the company received the Department of Labor’s Opportunity 2000 Diversity Award. She’s served/serves on several boards including Georgia’s Department of Public Health’s Worksite Wellness Committee, the AARP Community Volunteer program, and annually on the Princeton University Georgia Recruitment Committee.  She chairs the Atlanta Chapter of Melrose Alumni and was featured in the PBS documentary, A Community Called Orange Mound. She is a world-acknowledged fashionista who matches classics with trends every day.


Cheryl has traveled to more than 30 countries, 48 of our 50 states, but no matter where she is in the world, she is always the proud daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Scales Jr. and makes both Atlanta and Memphis her home.